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What is a newsgroup? For HARC members it is an opportunity to get the most current information available from the club by having it come to you rather than you looking for it.

If for example there is a change in a net schedule, instead of waiting for the club meeting or RAIN to come out, a notice will be sent to your email box.
We value privacy as much as you do and so when you sign up you will be asked for your callsign. This will help to moderate the newsgroup to make certain those who participate are those who belong in the group.

Below you will find two links. The first link is for signing up via email and the second link allows you to sign in if you have a yahoo account. If you do not have a yahoo account, provisions are made for you to create a login so that you may prticipate.
You may sign up for the newsgroup simply by submitting an email at the following address:

Email Signup Here

Or Email

Notice: Please leave the subject line and body of the letter empty. When you transmit your email, a confirmation letter will be returned to you so that you can verify your subscription.

You may also visit the website and signup at the
following location if you prefer.